Seductive Allure of Wars

What your Man wants is Rest and Change provided by the Eternal Feminine…  From when he comes home on leave…

Vogue late August Issue 1918

Even during the darkest days of the First World War, Vogue did its patriotic duty with unique panache.Born in 1916, British Vogue covered the Great War in a muted way until April 1917, when the mobilisation of American troops prompted an editorial change of heart.

Vogue Spirit Copyright

Vogue’s contributions combined blithe optimism, war reporting, domestic and financial advice, and fashion, and all were accompanied by monthly exhortations from the editor-in-chief that, despite wartime privations, its readers should maximise opportunity and remain resourceful. October 1918 Fashions during the war were necessarily compromised, but the magazine did not allow for any slackness in personal style: a certain pride in looking good was at least one way to defy the enemy. By Jo Ellison

Magazine Insider of: British Vogue August 2014

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