Inside the world of Victoria Beckham

Just turned 40, Victoria Beckham is happier – and busier – than ever. From breakfast chez Beckham to Barry’s Bootcamp, from design meetings to supermarket shopping, Emily Sheffield shadows the ultimate everywoman.

To be frank, Posh Spice wasn’t my favorite Spice Girls (British pop girl group formed in 1994). It was the more colorful, vibrant and zesty Ginger Spice at that time. Well, who would think of being all ‘Posh’ in their adolescent years, anyways? Indeed, time has change… But she has prove it again and again, that she has always stays the same -Posh- so to say looking fit and young at Victorious 40. Now, having bidding my 20’s goodbye, is not too bad after all. In fact, it is another chapter of my life, a transition, a greater mission. Are you willing to work harder? And even harder when you have achieve it?

Victoria 1 Copyright

There is something that comes together, the older you get, don’t you think? Says Victoria.

Victoria 2 Copyright

The pace is relentless. The downside is the lack of sleep – exercise classes get her up at 5.30am, while bed is often after 11pm -so me and David have time together-

Victoria 4 Copyright

Magazine Insider of: British Vogue August 2014

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