Cute But Kind of Evil

She may not be as ‘ladylike’ as me, as she likes to wrestle A LOT. Her tenacity, her charm, and never shy. I think she would scare the wits out of those who doesn’t like kids. But she is a compliment to me.

Having a child is extraordinarily self-empowering


What you can learn from a child?

  • Do what you Love They find the sport they like and they practice it.
  • Be Honest If you ask a child a question, no matter how personal, it will tell you its opinion directly and honestly. When you grow up  you consider that impolite, rude, and a sign of a bad behavior. But it’s actually what we should all do.
  • Be Happy for no Reason These little creatures always tend to find the bright side of everything, which is a wonderful human trait that we eventually lose while growing up.
  • Be Curious We grow and improve as we learn but unfortunately many people stop that process in their 20s or so. This is so bad for our brain.
  • Be Stubborn This is a Wonderful Quality!
  • Think Outside the Box Kids are the perfect example of what brainstorming is – they come up with great unusual ideas all the time.
  • Believe Simple as that! You just have to believe as strongly as kids do. Consider everything possible and you will achieve a lot more.

Let’s Reach

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