First, Don’t Be Boring

This is NO professional photo-shoot makeover, but I deliberately use this casual photo captured by my dear colleague as an exemplary what ‘inner’ self can reflect your exuberant self, and mind. And yes, it is also true, that you don’t necessarily have to laugh or smile, to be an interesting person, because you are.

Don't Be Boring Copyright

That was me in 2009, with a bizarrely rounder face, perhaps youthful at only 26, having attended my former company event with DP Architects for its hotel launch at The Address – Dubai Marina Hotel & Mall. How time and experience can get the better of you, and who knows that there is more to being just great? Constantly amaze yourself. But First- Don’t be boring. That same old mantra, that still keep in tact with me, wherever I am, and whomever I belong to.

7 Things the Most Interesting People All Have in Common -Eric Barker

  • First, Don’t Be Boring Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Look at it like the Hippocratic Oath of conversations: Do no harm. We’re all terrible at realizing when we bore others because, well, we all think we’re just fascinating.The #1 tip for never boring anyone comes from Scott Adams: Be brief, be positive.
  • The Most Captivating People are Often Good Listeners People love to talk about themselves and there are a dearth of good listeners. Let the other person talk. It gives their brain as much pleasure as food or money: “Talking about ourselves—whether in a personal conversation or through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter—triggers the same sensation of pleasure in the brain as food or money…” You can make an excellent impression by saying amazingly little. Ironically, the people we like the most often say the least.

  • Talk About Other Person’s Interests If you’re not that socially adept, this is as straightforward as it gets. Ask people what they’ve been up to or what their hobbies are. Then talk about that. You’re now 80% of the way there. If you know about the subject the similarity will bond you.
  • Have Three Good Stories You don’t just trot into a job interview and say whatever’s on your mind. Always have three good stories on hand that reliably entertain, inform or engage. Another tip from Scott Adams: People are generally more interested in stories about people rather than things. Drama, gossip and reality TV are successful for a reason. We all find human behavior fascinating.
  • Don’t Forget Charisma It’s not all about the words. Some people are engaging but if what they said was transcribed, it would be unimpressive.When you’re speaking emotionally, the words only account for 7% of what get conveyed. Seven percent.Voice tone and body language are far more important.
  • Be Somewhere Interesting Got a say in where you’ll be at, as with a date or meeting? Pick someplace stimulating. Context matters. In general, we’re lousy about realizing where our feelings are coming from.
  • And Most Importantly: Live an Interesting Life Remember the theme of Don Quixote: “If you want to be a knight, act like a knight.” If you don’t read, watch and think about generic things, generic things are less likely to come out of your mouth.This doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. Hang out more often with the most interesting people you know.The friends you spend time with dramatically affect your behaviorwhether you like it or not.The Longevity Project, which studied over 1000 people from youth to death had this to say:The groups you associate with often determine the type of person you become. The best and most reliable way to appear interesting is to live an interesting life. And to pursue that ends up being far more rewarding than merely making a good impression on others. Read More at TIME

Have a good plan, and INTERESTING start for a weekend, starting from Tomorrow!

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