Rustic Old Charm – Bottle Tree Park

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I have quite an ambivalent feelings when I get to know that our wedding venue at the ‘Lake House’ Bottle Tree Park, we had in February 2011, has finally come to a close. Sad, because feeling all nostalgic about it. Happy, because Hey! That’s kind of Historic isn’t it? To had one-of-a-kind wedding in which it is now no longer exist.

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 We did not quite realize that the natural lake being very green, and not to mention the extra cost for food levy -per- guest.  At that point of time, it is all about logistic, being close to nature for my husband (the Nature Guy), and to make sure that our relatives who came from afar and abroad had something else to see and do than staying at the same seat for hours, or perhaps, running out of table conversation. Besides, it is a transient location, a ‘floating’ lake house among the water lilies and exotic fishes. The significant rustic roof; an emblem of the charming bygone era of a (village) Kampung Spirit. Well, we hired a catering service though.

After painstakingly building up the place with its ‘kampung’ feel, it’s all over. Those who are older say this is their second village because you can’t find places like this in Singapore anymore. -Neo Kee Huat

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 I just like the atmosphere, it’s like very different, and then the people are more friendly as well and they help you.

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..hope the place will retain its rustic and ‘kampung’ feel. -Timothy Ng

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 So, what’s the story behind ‘Bottle Tree’ park?

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“Don’t try telling Mr Neo Kee Huat (the person-in-charge) that money doesn’t grow on trees! The tree lover went out on a limb and got six rare trees and other exotic plants from Australia for more than $100,000. That was in 2004 when Bottle Tree Pte Ltd was established.”

“There are many types of trees in this world but why specifically did we choose Bottle Tree? What makes the Bottle Tree so unique is because it looks exactly like a bottle. It’s trunk is huge and takes about four adults, with outstretched hands, to encircle the trunk.

Bottle Tree Pte Ltd wants to play active part in helping to conserve nature in Singapore and apart from Bottle Trees, Grass trees, giant ferns and palms were also imported from Australia as well. These trees can be found in Bottle Tree Village (宝瓶村) and Bottle Tree Park (宝瓶庄). In Bottle Tree Park alone , you can find more than 30 types of fruit trees around the park.”

9 thoughts on “Rustic Old Charm – Bottle Tree Park

  1. I used to go prawining with my friends here during our Uni days.. I feel very sad too. I hope the closure of Bottle Tree is not to give way for another luxury Condo development! Sigh!


    1. Hi Jenn. Thank you, for sharing. If I remember, they have indeed build condominiums at the opposite area from the back entrance, Who knows, they will extend development even further, hopefully not at the expense of the existing natural lake, Wish another good, great Developer will take over, and provide new, refreshing idea.


      1. Probably I would…The at Bishan was close a couple of years back (if I’m not wrong). Guess it is now hard to find such “kampong-feel” areas anymore, except at Pulau Ubin.


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