The Candle Experience

“Search and you will find.”

I didn’t know that from just an invigorating smell that exudes therapeutic inspiration can offer so much more -information-  I learnt that it comes in Essential Oil as well, with all its aromatic goodness, and astringent properties. I have tried various of scented candles for as long as I can remember, from Yankee candles to home-made candles (but- I have yet to convince myself to splurge on Jo Malone, though). Hopefully, they will come to me as a gift one day!

The smell of fresh cut grass right in the middle of a meadow land… is quintessentially Citronella, a different species of Lemongrass (Cymbopogen).

It’s an outdoor candle for a reason, and it may look distastefully pink to suit it’s concept as ‘Summer Blooms’ but it lasts and lasts, for almost a month, on a daily basis ritual. The presence it gives, as soon as you enter your home, is truly an experience. I promise you, it won’t gives you headache, in fact, it eliminates it!

Citronella Summer Blooms Outdoor Candle by Spaas The Candle Experience. Supplied by Cargo HomeMaker

Spaas Candle Copyright

P.S.: If only there is an infused scented candle of Bunga Rampai, I’ll be the first to join in venture!

Bunga Rampai

Bunga Rampai – Rampai means assorted. Bunga rampai is therefore an assortment of flowers.

What kind of flowers are used? Jasmine, frangipani,kesidang and ros kampung. Fragrant leaves of pandanus and rough skinned lime are shredded to mix with the flowers, and–perfume as well. All these lovely ingredients are put into a small basket made of screw pine and smoked with incense.

Bunga rampai is used in many important occasions of the Malay folks : circumcision, graduation of Koran study, shaving a baby’s hair, funeral , wedding etc. In a Malay wedding, it is an essential dowry item and is smoked all night long in the nuptial chamber.

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