The difference between fiction and reality?

Fiction has to make sense.
― Tom Clancy

Before you get too happy and smugly satisfied with the quote above, you should hear from the Primadonna herself. Not exactly me, I am more of a Chameleon for decades, almost effortlessly. From my former lecturer to friends, they sort of meeting a different woman from time to time, but to my husband, he would say: Everyday, even without makeup. That’s right. Nothing major, but probably the best compliment I ever heard.

Taking Note Of: One of my studio photo shoots in Dubai, which I get to model for a makeup artist. The next and upcoming project will be ultimately different, as usual. 

Photoshoot Dubai 2010

Modern Usage Outside Opera

Today the term has become a mainstream word outside opera to often describe a vain, undisciplined, egotistical, obnoxious or temperamental person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team but whose contributions are essential to the success of a team. PrimaDonna is also a line of fully automatic espresso machines made by Italian manufacturer De’Longhi. Marina and the Diamonds also has a song called Primadonna.

Alas I am, and I will be happy to know that good fiction creates its own reality. Don’t tell me that it’s a bad influence, until you make yourself One.

Primadonna Copyright

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