Black Widow

Coincidence is a small miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous. -Patricia T.Holland

I love my strings of pretty coincidences… It can goes on and on as long as you pay attention to little details in your life, big or small; most importantly, appreciate it when you realize it… They sometimes happened later in your lifetime, just fittingly parallel in its own divine timing, and you can’t force it to happen either. Let live, breathe in- in believe.

I can tell you everything, but let me just take on this pretty much a sweet break, among my other surmountable coincidents. Recently, I just changed my profile picture at my personal Facebook for after sometime, in which I thought well, this is pretty much of Bonnie & Clyde rendition of partner-in-crime. Then, followed on by comments from friends, and in one of those, a dear pageant friend of mine commented that it might very well looks like a “Black Widow waiting for her next victim”. At that same time- as I scrolled down my news feed, things began to intertwine so to unveil… Universal Music and other media sources began to announce the latest MTV music video, as in the new hit single: Black Widow by Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora. It’s the music trend this August 2014, and I am aligned with it. Or is this pure telepathy? Then the superpower lies in the universe, that we live in.

Lady Copyright

I don’t aim to be a ‘Black Widow’ but there is just this poignant massage that imbued in the strength of women, alike. We are truly observant, and we know what masculine pride should be, not the old, bygone era of masochism.


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