Your Calling

Just about getting back to my ‘Lady of Leisure’ mode of hobby, I’m already counting down the weeks and days I’m due to deliver my second baby. So, is that why people are married to their career? Well, that aside- I never like the term Art & Craft especially when Craft(s) have often been the maligned as the … More Your Calling


The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense. ― Tom Clancy Before you get too happy and smugly satisfied with the quote above, you should hear from the Primadonna herself. Not exactly me, I am more of a Chameleon for decades, almost effortlessly. From my former lecturer to friends, they sort of meeting a different woman from time … More Primadonna

The Candle Experience

“Search and you will find.” I didn’t know that from just an invigorating smell that exudes therapeutic inspiration can offer so much more -information-  I learnt that it comes in Essential Oil as well, with all its aromatic goodness, and astringent properties. I have tried various of scented candles for as long as I can remember, from … More The Candle Experience