Embrace Your Silhouette – Embrace Your Side Profile?

Here it goes- the complimentary makeover/photo shoot that I mentioned in my earlier post. But I’m not going to bore you and myself, with pregnancy cliché, whims and fancy; nor did I plan to release all at one time. If it is meaningful, it has to be purposeful 🙂 This will be, however, the photo that reveals my side profile in such a flat-face angle, which I never dared thinking of having one, and it’s not even my left side whereby psychology today claim to be your best bet for a good picture. Sometimes, we can be too harsh on ourselves. But you tend to accept yourself as you grow, anyways. Think about, Aging Gracefully

Well, my 1st side profile photo ever been published to public, was for a wedding advertisement in Singapore newspaper – The Straits Times, I did with my husband. Yes. We chose to have a post-wedding photo shoot instead, even though the package was the norm pre-wedding one -because- both of us think alike? That’s what everlasting romance supposed to be isn’t it? Apparently, I did not know which one of our wedding shots that they LOVE to advertise, then. The day when I finally flipped through the newspaper, I was in a total awe of disbelieve- oh-my-god I’m seeing a witch in myself. Period.

celestial wedding advertisement copyright

Alas. I finally embrace this very piece of my side profile… the curves, the dent and indented…  Being close to 8-months pregnant, for a second pregnancy, at the age of 31.

DSC_0060 copyrightHappy Weekend! & Always look on the bright side of life.

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