clear the clutter, and simplify your life

nothing to do with how to clear the clutter, and how to simplify your life… this is however (as in picture) the period where i ‘bloom’ the most, (postpartum period) about a month or so after giving birth to my first. while continuous breastfeeding for 2 years+ had definitely helps a lot- but i’m just about to relish more on- baby stuffs that we had invested, and worth investing.


we’re still utilizing our beloved Quinny buzz pram, and still loving it; in which some will say it’s bulky (yes) and took on to changing prams from time to time, but we thought, (no) we decided on stuffs before we buy, do we? so, that’s how we appreciate things, and not to mention, the ‘thousands of dollars’ which easily went simply unnoticed… well, this ‘period pram’ of 3 wonderful transition years- is one tough cookie, sure it does need some muscles to carry it to the car boot, other than that, it’s easy maintenance and gang through the crazy crowds of concrete jungle to the real sloppy, muddy one. thanks to the thick and durable tyres which need to be air-pumped just occasionally. sooner or later… we’ll have to invest on a double pram car capsule… how i wish we can add on another car seat to it, but it’s like apple product, they can’t fit in foreign objects or spare parts other than it’s own clan… now 🙂 happily packing items for my ‘short sweet vacation’, those precious reliable stuffs that i packed nicely in vacuumed zipper bags, are all worth it.. meaning, useful and most importantly, appealing to me… the rest, we happily gave them away.

talking about how having children are expensive these days? you’re not imagining it. we all have to work our a** off 🙂

p.s.: oh, yes! still looking forward to post my pregnancy photoshoot photos.

2 thoughts on “clear the clutter, and simplify your life

    1. yes, happy & most importantly, healthy body & mind! happy embracing yourself without having to condescend any body types that sure is different from you.
      & healthy means, eat healthily and not excessively 🙂


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