This afternoon, I did a quick snap of the rainfall in the backyard, as it rained, crystal white ❊ ❊ ❊ slow and soft (according to -my- freewill description) followed by a trickling sound of raindrops unlike the hard, gushing one we had in Singapore. There are of course, types of precipitation that I can refer to, or that you must know, if you stay long enough in Europe to feel even the slightest of difference, other than the dull weather forecast. It can never be just rain, drizzle or snow. The way it quantify itself to fall, so as to settle down, in all perfect calculative manner.


A week has passed from my expected-due-date. Not surprising at all. Just like my first one, the second one -too- is getting a little too comfortable in the sac.. I could feel her form, build and muscles, underneath my tight, stretchy skin, snuggling. Good thing here, doctors and midwives are not rushing you as if running a scheduled business, so no pressure at all on my side; but I hope that won’t compromise their standard as well. Like any typical Singaporeans, we are probably indoctrinated with high expectation, and in fact, world class healthcare, public service and what’s not.

Perhaps, for the first time, Halloween, or All Saint’s Eve is meaningful to me this year, and not just another silly party 🙂 So to say, from my personal experiences and strives, I have consciously believe in God’s Divine Timing.

DSC_0274 universe copyright

Thank you for all your best wishes and thoughts, near or afar! May you feel just as blessed.


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