Eden Adara

Today, marks exactly a week, of the birth of our second daughter. The sign of amniotic fluid leaked the night before means my wish (a deliberate prolong waiting) for natural birth had came true… No prior intervention, no water drip, no anesthetic gas and air, no pain relief… Just me, and my bold hands gripping onto the rail bed, and at another time holding on to my love.

Our daughter, is 41-weeks-4 days when she was born, and at a hefty 4.1 kilogram (9.04 pounds), a hundred gram heavier than her dad. For that, I had my sweet 2nd degree tear.

Here she is, a gift to us, a gift to our first daughter.

bounty 9
At St.George’s Hospital
bounty 1
At St. George’s Hospital. Holding on to Mama’s hand.
bounty 8
At St. George’s Hospital. I’m not sure about the butterfly, either.

Day by day, I find inspiration in her. A distinct individuality, I aspire my children to be, and to have.

eden haiku 1
Reminds me of my for once love of Japanese Haiku poetry.

All Heaven and Earth
Flowered white obliterate…
Snow…unceasing snow”
― HashinJapanese Haiku

That memorable day, we were lucky to have our Romanian neighbor with two kids herself to look after our toddler. At the Carmen Suite of St.George’s Hospital, a midwifery-led birth center which supports a natural and active approach to birth and has two birthing pools, I was introduced to a trustee looking Scottish midwife, Maria, and indeed, she is; in which we are very grateful of.

My initial plan was, and had always been ‘Water Birth’. It was a huge suite, warm and airy, but right when I dipped into the organic looking tub, it felt like a mini pampering session to me, with light music, dim light… I even had my first English Tea, and probably the best ever. Well, it did kill the time, but a tad too relaxing for me… I can’t work that way. Hence, I thought, I needed MORE pressure. After 3 hours “of spa” with hit & go contractions inclusive, I propped myself into the real half-an-hour deal or so, where THE imminent pressure arises, and there is no escaping. The labor bed of toil, blood and sweat.

water birth copyright
Facing wide open window screen, to an open sky. Raining…

I -almost- gave up… Not.

skin to skin
I can’t do a glamorous shot for This One.

Thankfully, dads are entitled to two weeks of paternity leave. My dear mum who initially planned to come over has to postpone her flight due to medical reasons. But she’ll come soon along with my dad, sister and aunt. And that, will be so soon. Excited!

proud dad
Proud Daddy of Two. Zophia Omera (2012) & Eden Adara (2014)

My husband earns a lot of credits here. From a devoted father of one, to two. Building blocks and train railways with our toddler, doing some little math on an abacus, gives her daily bubble bath time, and going out shopping with her. At the same time, I gave him all the freedom to cook, just like he gave me, mine. These two weeks of family time & bonding are precious, indeed.

The day prior to the new chapter of our life, I can’t deny the ‘breakup sentiment’ of adoring my used to be “One & Only Child”. She asked me to gave her a *high-five* while chilling at a cafe, and unwittingly so, asked for the same as soon as she ran to me in the labor ward, the next day. After all is done, and we are now complete.


Thank you God for the sign.

Only You know.

2nd Pregnancyhood & Another Chapter of my Life
2nd Pregnancyhood & Another Chapter of my Life

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