Winter Blues, Winter Boo, Winter Beau

Sometimes you’re ahead; sometimes you’re behind.

The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.

Mary Schmich

This will be my Second-Life-In-Winter, and the darker days have just begun… We all have felt depressed by no apparent reasons (tell me if you don’t) but being born and grew up in the sunny, tropical island of Singapore, winter fatigue and blues are a totally different demon.. Where the days are shorter, and the nights are longer.

Picture below was taken today, at 4:00 PM.


I’m not going to ‘search & reproduce’ tips to beat these winter blues. So, here are some proposals to self– or otherwise, tips that had already been implemented.

1) Let the SUNLIGHT in as soon as you can catch the first faint rays, like first thing first– other than preparing breakfast, wash your face ice cold, tooth brushing– why do I even elaborate?

2) The thing is, remain FOCUS, as the saying goes:

Discipline is knowing what needs to be done

even though you don’t want to.

3) As I’m busy with multitasking, some GOOD MUSIC helps to deter the lull of mundane tasks, that somehow became a joy, if you must know.

4) But let’s be realistic– reading news, whatever news, perks up the morning. THINK HAPPY and look forward to– CREATING GOOD NEWS. That’s when your favorite hot brewing tea / coffee always come in handy.

5) Buy beautiful CANDLES, if not MORE, like this interchangeable color candles by Air-Wick, a gift from my mother-in-law. Design only available in Germany. She knows I love them so much. Precious!

Airwick candles

6) Keep yourself warm, and don’t be dull like the weather. I get cozy up in my long, red pashmina, and rainbow mules. (Yes, chaotic.) GET INSPIRED by colorful magazines, as for me, it’s always VOGUE & Pinterest. Having an understated taste, it’s hardly about fashion for me nowadays. (I do reading while breastfeeding, too much info.? Not.)

7) I have always been a fan of multivitamins. Suitably for my body at the moment, I consumed what is essential for lactating mum. OMEGA 3-6-9 if you can, for healthier brain, and heart. It does not however, guarantee shiny hair and smooth skin, if your genes do not inherit it. Hence, invest in good moisturizer, in beautiful packaging. You want to feel like a Midas Touch, not some paste from a plastic container.

8) You see, it’s all about the MOOD. Buy FRESH CUT FLOWERS for the room. Every week, different bloom, different concept of flower bouquet, whatever that stimulate you. Where do you think all the great bands and singers that you know from UK get their inspiration from? The beautiful, cold weather?

9) Who loves LONDON IN THE RAINI Do. I love the soothing sound of raindrops during bedtime, with a roof over your head. Simple things that make you feel grateful of– Think about it, and it sure makes you feel a lot better.

Also, one of my favorite song, during my career days in Dubai, where I never dream of actually living in London. Reminiscing history, I would say!

10) It’s good if you already have quite an established SOCIAL LIFE, or otherwise you can always plan on one! It can motivate you to prioritize your goals prior to the social event.

11) I probably have more, but life can be a bit compromising lately. PRIORITY FIRST & wish you a fulfilling weekend ahead!

 Kids being kids,

they are not affected by the weather at all.

Rain or Shine!



If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;

that is where they should be.

Now put the foundations under them.”

Henry David Thoreau-


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