The Rules of Parenting (Richard Templar)



  • Nothing can prepare you from being a parent. It tests your stamina, your nerves, your emotion and at times even your sanity.
  • Luckily the rewards are huge – the fun, the hugs and the closeness.
  • And I figure the parents whose kids are able to look after  themselves, to enjoy life and to make those around them happy, to be caring and kind, and to stand up for what they believe in – those parents are the ones who are getting it right.
  • Recognize where you’ve gone wrong and try harder to remember next time.
  • I can also tell you (and you may be relieved to hear this) that none of the Rules require you to brush your child’s hair religiously, or make sure they have clean socks every day. I’m sure that’s all nice, but I’ve seen parents bring up their kids brilliantly with messy hair and no socks at all. These Rules are about the important stuff. Things to do with your child’s attitudes and values and self-image, not to do with their socks.

Rule 1 – Relax

Really good parents expect their children to be noisy, messy, bouncy, squabbly, whingy and covered in mud. They take it all in their stride. They know they’ve got 18 years to turn these small creatures into respectable grown-ups, and they pace themselves. No rush to get them acting like adults – they’ll get there in good times.

Rule 2 – No One is Perfect

Your children are going to blame you for something, because that;s how it works.

Rule 3 – Be Content

In the end your mood is as important as your childbearing strategy and how you live as a family, if not more so. So don’t let anyone guilt-trip you about the way you do it. If it makes you more relaxed and less stressed, it’s probably the right thing to do – whatever it is.

Rule 4 – Know What You’re Good At

Rule parents know what they’re good at. We don’t give up on everything else, but we play to our strengths. It’s important to know what you’r good at, and to have confidence in your own strengths.

Rule 5 – Almost Any Rule Can Be Broken Occasionally 

As you and I know, the only sensible rules choice is to let it go.

 To Be Continued… 😉

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