I’m Not Joking

If you are single, or yet to have children, you would probably think this video is cute, funny, adorable and a cool misadventure. Well, a scripted misadventure to be exact, and above all, A MOVIE filmed-directed by their own parents.

Chastising is not my favorite hobby. This so-called ‘Comedy’ as it was decidedly categorized (shown in the YouTube video above) will make you LOL, ROFL, LMAO all you want, and it had indeed spurred inspiration and unbridled imagination to my First ( at 3-years-4-months), so much so, that it triggered her to do exactly the same.

I don’t mind messiness at play, but this is PURELY influenced to do so.

Now, you would probably think:

(1) Where are you when this happened?
(2) Why did you let your child watch YouTube without Parental Guidance?
(3) This is the adverse impact of too young exposure to media and technology.

I may have all the answers to your questions, but not to defend myself. I am not an ultra-conservative parent to start with; some might say, unconventional.

It was prep for bedtime, a time for stories and unwind with nursery rhymes. As I was attentively feeding my Second with her supper, I noticed my First ran in and out of the living room; intermittently checking out her iPad with a glee on her face before running back to her bedroom again. And, an accompanying ‘busy’ noise could be heard… That was rare, especially before bedtime, even for a hyper girl like her. I, for once, knew something must have gone amiss-ed, but as she looked seemingly happy, I wouldn’t want to interrupt her further. Quietly acknowledged her misdemeanor, I let her had her little fun, and resort to surprise myself later. That was- after, I’m done with my Second.

My First is a pro for her age with iPad, and an outdoor-ish person too, who would kiss the sun if she could, as she held her hands and face up high to the sky-brimming sun. We don’t have much sunny days in a year, you see. A book, and nature avid too.Teacher identify her favorite subject as, Mathematics. Computer and touch-screens are part of Nursery curriculum. Overall, a well-rounded person. I am usually aware of what she’s watching on her iPad, as I chose what she would like to watch, when this cool video comes along. AFTER ALL a “Parent-Director” movie of their children.

As any mindful adult would know; Children see, Children Do. A video-taking (as below) of my First’s self-initiative wiping the rain away from the windowsill to the windowpane, as she felt it deemed right. This is however, NOT directed NOR co-directed OR even punishment; this was me painstakingly trying to capture her doing so, unnoticed.

Frankly, I could understand the Singles, Yet-to-have, or Refused-to-have children fret on our inherent postings of children trivia, we called memories.

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