Banyan Tree Spa – One of the Most Established Brands of Singapore

“This is distinctively Singaporean in effort and spirit. It combines Marina Bay Sands’ commitment to honor local companies, with the deep Asian heritage of Banyan Tree. We aim to make Singapore proud by opening the city’s first-ever Banyan Tree Spa at the height of nearly 200 meters in the sky, and welcome Singaporeans to visit this spectacular Spa.”

Marina Bay Sands Interim CEO George Tanasijevich

As Singapore, the former British colony marks its golden Jubilee, 50 years of independence this year; I am more than glad to share MY FAVORITE BRAND; being one of the Most Established Brands of Singapore Banyan Tree Holdings Limited (“Banyan Tree”) founded by the entrepreneurial Singaporean husband and wife team Ho Kwon Ping and Claire Chian.

And, it is only coincident that my wedding was taken place at Bottle Tree, I supposed I have a thing for Trees!

“Banyan Tree is all about creating and delivering unforgettable and memorable guest experiences, and our spas are an integral component of this unique experience.” -Banyan Tree Executive Chairman Ho Kwon Ping

It might be 2 years ago, but it is still my favorite spa experience, globally. I was not at all too concerned about the root of this brand, initially. Although impressionable, but when I search for one, all I wanted was, a luxurious facial spa. Besides, given that my last job designation as an Interior Designer, I must seek to explore! Indeed, I discovered that Banyan Tree, is a Singapore brand, and its phenomenal global success from being just a single resort in Phuket, Thailand,1994. Even then, it was already an Asian’s first luxury spa resort.

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A holistic approach Reception. Dimmed-lit, crafted tree-canopy which reminds me of “Wayang Kulit” – Shadow Puppets from Central Java.
Ceiling fiber optic lights illuminate their tree-of-life monument and compliment the ‘downpour’ of vertical timber panels.
My Urban Spa Room facing Sheares, and Bayfront Avenues. I was greeted with their traditional aromatic ‘foot bathing’.
Me, and my First child after the spa treatment, at their lounge with all the best views you can get of Singapore.
View from Level 55, 10 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 1. One of the famous ‘Postcard-Worthy’ view of Singapore, which boasts the old and new infrastructure, monuments and buildings.

Other surrounding views (click on thumbnails below to enlarge view.)

IMG_2181  Banyan Tree SpIMG_2180a is dPB112002esigned to calm the body and the mind with the “Tree of Life” as its interior design’s inspiration. It offers list of signature massage services performed by the skillful hands of its therapists. IMG_2169What’s more, the spa only uses the most natural PB111995products and techniques to offer a heightenedPB111999 relaxation.PB111993

Spa Expert – Singapore’s Ultimate Spa Guide

The Lounge for your re-treatment also a waiting room for my husband, reflects their warm hospitality and the conceptual aspects of their brand. Urban spa with a unique sense of place.
The Boutique corner encompassing their therapeutic ‘Truly Asia’ product brands.
All Banyan Tree spa therapists undergo a certified proprietary training program at the Banyan Tree Spa academies in Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand and Lijiang, China to ensure a consistently high level of service and quality.

Many things can happen in a year. Sacrificing your career for motherhood, or living abroad, does not put an end to everything, but to prepare you in the long run.

Happy 50th Anniversary Singapore!

Wish you an impending and prevailing success. You might be a ONE DOT in the map, but you make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Many things can happen in a year... And this, was just a good 2-years-ago as a young parent with a child, in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. Sacrificing your career for motherhood, or living abroad, does not put an end to everything, but to prepare you in the long run. Happy #SG50 🎉 Bring it on!
At Level 55, we were just two-levels below the Sky Park Observation Deck / Infinity Pool.


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UP NEXT, still on Singapore’s Finest brand, where British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was once a guest.



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