The Heart-Shaped Tree

The usual view we had from the comforts of our window. All the while, I just described to her objectively, everything that she, and I could see, be it near or afar.

Until one day, she pointed out to me to that same old trees, and exclaimed a “Heart,” though casually, but countless of time. Even then, I dismissed her fancy, and it took me days_ 💔_ to realize the ‘Heart’ that she was talking about. When we both reached to that same level of understanding, she gave me a fulfilling face of hers, and such a forgiving smile.

How insightful a 3-year old can be? I’ve heard of kids say the darnedest thing.

This helpfully reminds me, as an insightful adult that we are… We only see what we want to see. A psychology quote from a Mexican Author, Miguel Angel Ruiz.

We only see what we want to see;

we only hear what we want to hear.

Our belief system is just like a mirror

that only shows us what we believe.”

Since then, I can never see those trees the same again… Just like an intertwined couple, they are a form of two trees,  resting against in each other, hence the formation of a heart shape. I have always knew that, they are a blessing. The fact that they are my favorite trees, which I promised to find out its species.

The way they sway and rustle, almost like the coax of a tidal sea waves, or a romantic dining by the Mediterranean Sea. The way they follow their master, the wind of change, just like an obedient servant; and even respond to its slightest whim. At times, it ROARs. I admit that once, I fell asleep on the couch, just by listening to them.

A Piece of Heaven


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