WELCOME Mrs India UK! (in collaboration with Mrs India Universe 2017)


…Every Journey Starts with One Step…

Congratulation. YOU have made it.

4 years ago, I remember my first footstep in my BOLD, RED shoes— This could be the beginning of everything, I thought. Of an unexplainable journey… Lights, camera, action! Taking the big stage with that supreme catwalk? A dress that wow and impress everyone? Regaining that Primadonna-self, as a mum and a married woman? Can we have it all? AND, is that all?

Here I am, typing on some distant memories, that never seems to fade away… Especially, knowing that all the glitz and glamour above were pure results of your hard work, resilience and the unconditional support, and faith— of your loved ones. An almost heroic walk that you can ONLY achieved, and acquired through experience.

Beauty is only skin deep, the participants that had walked into ‘Mrs India UK‘ auditions with their first, bold steps, are Real Women in their own right— be it, high profile professionals or talented homemakers, that had made their ultimate decisions, and committed to live their dreams…

As part of this prestigious platform for inspiring women, and as a non-Indian Singaporean lady, I have stated my stance a longgg time ago— that, in any circumstances, embrace a vision that many could feel, and share.

Your journey to represent ‘Mrs India UK’ is about to begin…

Result of the shortlisted participants will be up SOON.

Where we will welcome the promising Finalists, on their Orientation Day,

this Saturday, 15th July.

Good luck!

Let me present you the astute judges for ‘Mrs India UK‘ auditions held at ‘The Sports Bar & Grill‘ Waterloo, London.

Copyrights Reserved by BrandWok & The Orange Horizon.

From Left to Right: Nuraiza Knuettel | Linda Noor | Aditi Gupta | Sakshi Vishwesh |

Nuraiza Knuettel

Mrs Singapore Goodwill has lived in Dubai, Germany, and in London at present. Having joining the prestigious ‘Beauty with a Heart’ consolidated beauty pageant in Singapore, and went on further in Mrs Asia International, she finds and has always embraced -Art in Lifestyle- Her penchant in mediums of Art, Conceptual Design and Brand are much attributed from her past career in Architecture and Interior Design, locally and abroad. She had also, as of late, contributed her talent as an artist, to choreograph art canvases for an Art Auction at a renowned school in, Wimbledon, London. 

Linda Noor

Director of Events-Linda Noor manages a networking and corporate events company in London, and has done so for the past 13 years. She specialises in Public Relations, Social Media Advertising, Project Management and Planning, Architecture and Design, Events Management and Construction Management. Prior to this, she worked in Architecture and Design for 9 years. Linda also helps other entrepreneurs to improve their business network and established contacts via her consultation company, LLD Consultants UK Ltd. She additionally focuses on assisting entrepreneurs to develop growth and recognition in their niche businesses in the UK and internationally. Linda is a British born Malay with Chinese, Portuguese and Javanese family background. She has travelled intensively in America, Europe, South America and South East Asia. She also has developed a personal interest in foreign languages; she can speak Portuguese, Spanish, and Bulgarian, in addition to her native English and Malay.

Aditi Gupta

Aditi, born and brought up In Mumbai – city of dreams, turning her dreams into reality is a passion for her. An MBA , Post-Graduate in Events Management, Post- Graduate in Asia-Pacific Institute, Certified in Integrated Digital Marketing and Certified Professional Marketer from reputed institutes in Mumbai and Singapore, she has won many awards in both cities for her determination in academics. Professionally, she is a Banker turned into not just a Social Media & Digital Specialist but also a beauty queen and a professional model since past few years. She enjoys creativity and is very much into crafts but her recent love is being a chalk-paint specialist and dealing with vintage furniture.

Her journey in modelling began when she was a child and having worked with big brands in India for commercial shoots, advertorials and editorials, her passion never stopped from achieving success in Modelling world. She has been awarded as one of the youngest achiever and commended for her work in Mumbai and Singapore and being covered in some of the popular newspaper and regional tabloids in both cities. She has also been a part of Bollywood movie and was main lead for a short film produced by Singapore Fashion Runway.

Holding the winning title of Mrs India Expat 2015 – Singapore, she won sub-titles for elegance, fitness and being most stylish contestant amongst her pageant friends making  many people proud for the achievements. She was also one of the Finalists for Mrs Singapore 2013. She has also been judge for various Institutes which hold fashion events for students. She also helps and supports pageant participants by grooming them and building their confidence during their successful journeys. 

Having worked for almost a decade in advertising and modelling world, she is humble and most loved models for some of the popular photographers. Her relationship with organisers, clients and model friends showcases her strength and an in-depth knowledge in this industry. 

Being in London, launching a platform for talented women is her aim currently. She wants to stitch the gap between beauty and talent to portray true essence of successful women. Being the founder of BrandWok, organiser of Mrs India UK, her vision towards establishing a platform to re-define the myth of beauty is one big challenge she is leading towards. Having said that, herself and BrandWok has been a part of many successful concerts, music shows, runways and contests in Singapore in a very short span of time. Encouraging new talent and creating new platforms is what BrandWok will continue here in London under her support.

​Sakshi Vishwesh

Mrs India Queen of Substance, had choreograph a fashion show in the International Style Week in London presented by Arture Connect, and had walked the ramp for Designer Keith Khan’s Creation.
She is currently pursuing her passion in her very own Makeover line – ‘Magnifique Makeover’. A
 multi-talented lady, who believes in doing charity for the needy, support the education for girls, and uplifting women, not only in India, but across the world. 

in collaboration with


Mrs India UK 2017, brought to you by Brandwok.     Brandwok


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